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The integration of behavioral health and primary care has been a confusing topic at best.  Providers, consumers, and stakeholders often cannot understand how the two fields can benefit the other if they are one.   So if everyone is questioning it, why are we doing it?  Answer - Individuals who are healthier will not need as many system resources.  It is important that everyone has access to the services they truly need, however if they are receiving services that are not assisting them to become healthier we as health providers (including peer providers) may not be providing assistance as we should. provides real-time information that is evidence based and has 10-year quantitative national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. You can view benchmarks over time in order to:

1. Encourage collaborations across communities and sectors.

2. Empower individuals toward making informed health decisions.

3. Measure the impact of prevention activities.

As with all tools is meant to be used as a guide for you and the services you provide.  However, having a real-time data driven tool may be worth considering for your toolbox.

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